From the time of my earliest memories, I have been fascinated by world history and geography and captivated by maps. Today I teach global historical geography to as wide of an audience as possible, and I on the geography of current global events (see I am a co-author of a college textbook on world geography, and several of my courses, are available to the public as podcasts. My academic research focuses primarily on the history of foundational geographical ideas and secondarily on the geohistory of the Cordillera of Northern Luzon in the Philippines. I also write on environmental philosophy and politics. These varied interests come together in my speculative fiction, which aims to be entertaining, intellectually stimulating, and geohistorically plausible..

Martin’s broad practice, which includes a strong international element, has been shaped by the demands of his

clients over more than thirty years.

Martin’s commercially driven approach towards his clients’ affairs draws on rich and deep experience in a vast range of domestic and international matters and which enables him to be particularly creative and effective in assisting clients, whilst at the same time understanding their requirements for speed of response, discretion and commercial pragmatism.

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